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Elocution/Dialect Coaching



Many of those seeking help with elocution are professionals who wish to learn how to use their voice and words in a more communicative way.  Others may be students and graduates who need to prepare for university interviews and oral presentations.  In such situations softening an accent and modifying particular sounds can be helpful.

Thankfully we are now beyond the years of forcing individuals to speak in a certain way, and I have always been passionate about celebrating the diversity of our regional accents.  However, I understand that sometimes our own accents can make us feel self-conscious about our ability to use clear and expressive speech.

Together we will tackle articulation, diction and pronunciation.  In this way, we will conquer the formation of clear and distinct sounds, our choice and use of words, as well as the way a word is pronounced.  At the end of our work together, you can expect to:

  1. Improve vocal clarity.
  2. Improve pronunciation and articulation.
  3. Modify or soften an accent.
  4. Overcome stammer and speech difficulties.
  5. Improve vocal impact and confidence.
  6. Care for and maintain a healthy voice.

“Speak the speech, I pray you as I pronounced it to you,
trippingly on the tongue”.
– William Shakespeare.


Adopting a new accent for a role can be the most fun part of an actors job.  Subtlety is key!  Focussing on phonetics, rhythm, diphthongs and changes in melody, I will help you develop your hearing and guide you into transforming your own accent so that it glides seamlessly into another.

Most actors are keen observers and know how to play. However, the challenge of adopting a new accent or dialect, can be daunting; you may feel you don’t have the ‘ear’ for the differences – or even if you can hear them, you don’t have the ability to take them on.  Our work together will involve paying attention to the physical differences in shape and quality of sound, tuning into the rhythm and sensitising your listening skills.

If you are preparing for an audition, working on a play, film or radio production I can help you develop more confidence, ease and accuracy with an accent.

Together we will focus on:

  1. Vowels and Consonants.
  2. Melody and Rhythm.
  3. Sound Placement.
  4. Tonal Quality.
  5. Rhoticity.
  6. Background Information-Social /Cultural/Geographic/Historic.

“Dialect or the speech of the  people is capable of expressing what the people are”.
– Sterling Brown.

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