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Self-Tapes & Camera Work

& Camera Work

Have you been asked to put yourself on tape for a TV casting?

Perhaps you’ve already landed a role and feel unsure about your character’s internal life and focus? Don’t panic.

As a working actor I’m often asked to submit my own self-tapes with only two days’ notice!  As a TV director I also have a sense of what casting directors are looking for, in terms of performance, size of shots, composition and lighting.  I understand how exposing and nerve-racking it can be to produce work that is both truthful and aesthetically pleasing.

“Be in the moment.  Period. Just be there. Because if you get all like,
‘Oh, I got to do this big thing’, it just never works”.

– Robert De Niro.

Since I began acting in TV and film 35 years ago there has been a huge shift. Initially you would meet a director and audition in person. Nowadays, you are most often required to submit a preliminary self-tape before a director invites you into the room.  For this reason, it is essential that your tape represents and showcases who you are, and makes you stand out!  Transparency and immediacy are paramount.

When we work together you will learn how to:

  1. Set up the room.
  2. Mount and shoot on your own mobile phone.
  3. Light the shot.
  4. Establish an appropriate eyeline.
  5. Break down a scene.
  6. Develop an internal monologue.
  7. Pace the scene.
  8. Edit the scene.
  9. Send the tape.

I can also shoot, read-in and direct if required.

david and gillian
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